Find a Job

Finding a job upon graduation can be a daunting task.

It can be extremely difficult to make that first
person-to-person contact at a firm that’s hiring.  Job engines are useful, but can often be outdated and ineffective. 

Our goal is to connect you directly to one of our Member Firms,  so you can explore the opportunities available, and in turn, determine if consulting engineering is a fit for you.

Who are our member firms?  We represent over 500 companies in Canada, from small sole-proprietorships to large multi-discipline companies with over 20,000 employees and branch offices across the country. 

Start finding a job today!

Follow the steps listed below to establish contact with your potential employer.

  1. Visit the ACEC Member Search here.
  1. Once on the Member Search page, select your desired location for employment and the type of engineering that interests you.
  1. When the list of firms is displayed, click on each company to obtain information about branch offices, company details and contact information.
  1. Choose a firm that suits you best, link to the firm’s website to find out about job opportunities within that firm or contact the office’s human resources department listed in the firm’s contact information to establish a direct link of communication.
  1. Determine if the right opportunity exists for you. Once the initial contact has been made, you are miles ahead of the game. The next step is to ensure that you make a great first and second impression. Read Tips on Landing a Job below and Resume and Cover Letter Tips from a CEO now.

Job Posting Sites

Some ACEC Member Organizations have job postings and mentorship programs. Visit their websites by clicking on the following links:

Tips on Landing a Job

Research the company
Research the company prior to making contact.  First impressions are lasting, so make sure you are knowledgeable about the company and know what type of work they do.  

Find out if they are hiring
Once you contact the firm and determine if they are hiring, ask for a job description and find out to whom you should address your cover letter.

Carefully craft your cover letter by tailoring your experience to the criteria listed in the job description.  Also ensure that your resume and references are up to date. Read Resume and Cover Letter Tips from a CEO”. (hyperlink to the sub-section on “Resume and Cover Letter Tips from a CEO”

Stay in touch with the firm to check your status.  Employment opportunities come and go so it is important, as a prospective employee, to stay on top of this process.

If you are not selected for the opportunity, but really want to work for a specific firm, you should consider applying to multi-branch offices and relocating if you are able.

Again, use the ACEC Member Search for a full listing of Canadian consulting engineering firms across Canada.