Success Stories

A career in Consulting Engineering can take you on a thousand different career paths depending on the opportunities you find and the choices you make.

Below are contributions from consulting engineers who share their own career stories.

How Consulting Engineering is the Career Choice

Career story by André Morin, jr. eng., LEED AP

In today’s modern life, engineering is the basis of just about everything we touch. It is easy to see the engineering behind cars, air planes, television, etc.  On the other side, not many people realize that there is engineering behind the road in front of your house, the bridge that we cross, the structure in our office buildings and the systems that create the comfort in our work environment. The great majority of these items have been designed by consulting engineers. I think we can say that consulting engineering is one of the most misunderstood trades. Why? Probably because the realisations are considered to be “static” and don’t draw the attention as much as the latest BMW.  Nevertheless, that very car wouldn’t have any value weren’t it for the road it travels on, the bridges it crosses or even the plant where it was built!

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From Manchester to Vancouver: a Consulting Engineer Rises to the Top

Career Story by Chris Newcomb, P.Eng.

Let me start by saying that when I was an engineering student, never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined how much fun I would have as a consulting engineer, the places it's taken me, the people I've met, and the things I've been able to accomplish that I'm so proud of.

Today I'm President of McElhanney Consulting Services, a consulting engineering firm of about 400 people based in Vancouver. I'm also a Past-Chair of the Association of Consulting Engineering Companies (ACEC).

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How a Passion for Design Led a McGill Grad to International Heights

Career Story by Ben Novak, P.Eng.

As a boy I was fascinated by the suspensions of trucks, which I would observe carefully as they adjusted or deformed negotiating construction sites. I was also fascinated by railway locomotives and thought one day I would design them. In high school I drew futuristic cars, and discovered that I had a knack for illustrating complex technical assemblies. Yes, engineering was an early fascination and there was never any doubt that I would become a designer of sorts.

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A Young Professional Makes It in the Consulting Engineering Industry

Career Story by James Kay, P.Eng.

Engineering is an amazing launching pad for all kinds of exciting jobs. Graduates typically are smart, hard-working problem-solvers who can tackle all kinds of complex challenges. Newer grads also have strong communications and teamwork skills. So how come most of us had no idea all these great options were in front of us?  I had no idea when I entered engineering what kind of career I might have, nor did I have a better idea when I graduated. Ten years later, I’d like to share my story with you in hopes that I can illustrate one option, a great option, for you in consulting engineering.

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